• Alexandre Masotti

    Photographer, dentist and future filmmaker! In fact, it was because of his artistic profile that I fell in love with him at first sight!! But this story I will tell you in another opportunity! He is the creative director of the audio-visual work produced for the blog. He graduated from UFRGS Dental School, did his Master and PhD in Dental Materials at PUC-RS, he is a specialist in Teaching at UERJ, ans is a specialist in Operative Dentistry at UFRGS and is Cinema and Audio-Visual student at UFPel. 

  • Luisa Schertel Cassiano

    Luisa is a dear friend that came into my life when I was a Professor at UFRGS, Porto Alegre. She was my student and always stood out for her leadership, competence and joy! I have a tremendous pride of this girl! And it is with great joy that, today, Luisa is part of the Opalini Family. She is responsible for the English version of the blog. She was invited not only because of her fluency in the language, but because she loves this project! Welcome my friend!!! =) 

  • Laura e Roberto Andrade

    They are my couple of heart! A gift that God gave me when I joined the masters! Laura was my partner post-graduate in operative dentistry, while Roberto did a post-graduate degree in Periodontics, all at UNESP, Araraquara, SP, Brazil. Today they have already returned to El Salvador, a country that I had the privilege of knowing in 2005 at the Congress of the Latin American Association of Operative Destistry and Biomaterials - ALODYB. It was an unforgettable trip... mainly because of the opportunity that we had to get together again! Currently, Laura is a Professor of Operative Dentistry at the University of El Salvador and Roberto is a Professor of Periodontics at the Universidad Salvadoreña Alberto Masferrer. When we decided that the Blog had to have a Spanish version I immediately thought: Laura and Roberto! Invitation done, invitation accepted! Thank you my friends for accepting the challenge and welcome the Opalini Family! 

  • Takeo Ito

    Photographer, video maker and responsible for Take 8 Productions. Before the age of 20, he lived, worked and studied in Japan and New Zealand. He is a student of cinema and audio-visual at UFPel, and is constantly updated on the media world. He has already won numerous awards, including the IV Week Photojournalism of USP, and his productions have already been selected for major competitions, such as the 2014's Talent of the Off Channel. Another activity that we cannot fail to mention is his dedication to Parkour ... he nails it! Are you curious?? Access his Youtube channel, named Take 8. 

  • Paty Custódio

    Patty is our Art Director! She has a super special look on the locations, the details of the shooting environment, colors, textures and can inspire new possibilities for the blog! Photographer, creative, and with incredible manual skill, she is also studying Cinema and Audio Visual at UFPel. Patty is responsible for helping us make Opalini more charming for you!  

  • Alvaro Bonadiaman

    I can describe Alvaro as the thrilled of the team! In addition to all of the qualifications as an excellent audio-visual professional, he is our professional actor! We are definitely going to see him shining on the screens of the cinema! He is super creativeand has a huge heart!! He is a Cinema Student at UFPel, works with production and editing. As well as the Takeo, Alvaro also practices Parkour. In fact, the two are friends for a long time due to this sport! He is the front man of Alvaroba Productions. 

  • Tania López

    Hello, I´m Tania López a happy Nicaraguan, graduate of National Autonomous University of Nicaragua – León like a dentist, thanks to a scholarship provided by the CNPq did a Master degree of Pediatric Dentistry at the post-graduation program of Dentistry (PPGO) of the Federal University of Pelotas, these helped me to discover a completely different world,  full of Brazilian´s ways (jeitinhos) of doing things, allowed me to meet wonderful companion and unique teachers, today I´m a professor at the Faculty of Medical Sciences in the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua, Managua in the area of Pediatric Dentistry and Dental Research and a master´s student on Scientific Research Methods and always with a desire to learn something new.

My purpose is to help you gain autonomy through knowledge, facilitating the dentistry and communication. AND how do I do this?

I put myself in your shoed, I identify what is preventing you from being happy with your results and untie the knots by means of a simple and accessible language! I graduated from UNESP | Araçatuba; did my Master and PhD in Operative Dentistry at UNESP Araraquara | I am a Professor of Operative Dentistry at the Federal University of Pelotas | RS.


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